Friday, January 29, 2010

What Is My Truth Today.. WIMTT? 1/28/10 - Get Green for Real

What is my truth today?
I don't know about you, but I think about the environment and my little space in it.  I really can't go protest to save the rainforest in the Amazon, but I can stop buying little plastic bottles of water.  Little plastic bottles of water end up in our landfill and they will remain there.  According to stats from the Clean Air Council... "Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour.  That is alot, folks.  So...

I was very pleased to read a story by David Bois on about Coca Cola Co. developing their new PlantBottle they estimate "represents a carbon footprint improvement that may approach a 20 percent reduction in impact."  Good for Coca Cola.  Here is the link to the story

Purchasing bottled water is something we are really comfortable with these days and many people can't do without it.  I am fortunate to live in an area with great water, however, those little bottles are so handy, aren't they?  One answer to the dilemma...purchase large 5 gallon-sized water bottles, you know those that come with a dispenser the company will place in your own home -- Culligan, Arrowhead, Crystal Geyser -- and fill up a water bottle you buy at your favorite store that you use over and over again.  One person can make a difference...really.  No, really.

Resist the convenience of those little bottles.                              

Happy weekend!                                                           


  1. I couldn't agree more! Very wonderfully organic blog. :) I love green! They have some very nice water bottles out there. Here's a link to a site with cool water bottles and some fun decor.
    Gaiam has some neat bottles. Not only does it leave a carbon imprint, it also contains BPA, which is bad for our health. is a great site with some of the best bottles. :)

  2. Aquafina is one of my favorites. Of course, the newer info (2007) says Pepsi says Aquafina is tap water ... Labels on bottles will be changed to clarify that the water originates from public sources. (Check CNN's Katy Byron's July 27 2007: 5:26 PM EDT article.) Others have to admit to the mercury content, etc. As "ShsAFreeeBird" implied ... watch the overall carbon,. Another drift: Freezing the bottles or heating the bottles can bring out bad results, too. Best choice is the little Eddie Bauer, or similar, water bottles you refill from a decent source. Thanks for bringing this to the front, DCR!

  3. All those bottles... cant be good. A while back, i had tomato seeds and planted them in a pot. All went weel for the germination side, the sprouts were happy. Well... several day pass, all but one was grownig well. That one sprout slowed its growing process while the others flurished. I figured it was just a bad seed, no... just below the sprout was a piece of a plastic with part of the label still attached. The roots of the sprout were laying on this piece.

    That plactic deformed the sprout. crazy, no!

    Smart heads up DCR. great green advise ::)

  4. Thanks to all for your comments, info and connections. It is frightening how many plastic bottles are tossed every hours -- it really got to me.

    ShesAfreeBird...great links, thanks!!

    Glen, that is crazy, you should send out that story.



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