Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Is My Truth Today.. WIMTT? 1/27/10

Paying Attention!  Actually, my truth today is the importance of paying attention, as is really important to tune in and focus on what someone is saying when he or she is speaking to you.  Let me explain...

So, I need to make a cosmetics purchase and zip right down to my favorite local department  store  cosmetics counter.  I go there often enough that we all know each other in a vague, Zen-like sort of way.  I talk with Bekka, (not her real name) who is working the counter, and she begins hawking their latest brand of facial moisturizer -- sort of casually. 

We discuss the stuff I actually came to purchase, locate it, chat some more and she once again starts discussing the virtues of this moisturizer.  "It plumps the skin" she says.  I think, "Who knew I needed my skin plumped...hmmm."  I move around the counter, looking at this and that, semi-listening to her. Kaboomsky...she says something, and I don't remember what it was, that had me saying, "Yeah, I need moisturizer."  (Actually, I did).
So, as I am checking out the lipstick, or gloss, or lotion, or perfume, or....Bekka gathers my purchases, including the moisturizer and rings them up.  We chat a minute more and as I am walking away, she says about the moisturizer as if she hadn't already made the sale, "Oh, it brightens, too!"  I say, "Thanks, Bekka," my mind already seven steps down the road into my busy day.

Okay, flash forward.  It is bedtime and I go through the whole cleaning my face process and slather on my new plumping and brightening moisturizer.  Great, nice...smells good.

Okay, flash forward.  It is morning and I get up, trudge to the bathroom and begin to wash my newly plumped and brightened face.  "Holy, moly," I gasp.  My face is so plumped I am having trouble finding the slits where my eyes are usually located...and, "Oh, yeah,"where are my eyebrows?   The eyebrows that Adriana (her real name) at Paragon Salon tints so nicely?  The eyebrows I pay to have tinted a nice smoky brown?  Obviously, I was not paying attention when Bekka said that part about, "brightens, too."  Apparently, brightens in cosmetics lingo, actually means lightens, as in bleach.  Aha. 
Okay, flash forward.
I had a session with Adriana and my eyebrows are back. 
I realized how important it is to really pay focus on the conversation at avoid listening to all the other thoughts whirling around in your own mind while someone is talking to you and you think that what they are saying is trivial.  Listen....focus....connect, it can make quite a difference.

I hope I have brightened your day!


  1. So true, whats the point if you dont give your full attention, when someone is speaking to you, you loose the essence of the monent. All the interactions with others is priceless. Nice. ::)

  2. Ah, thank you. My point exactly. Live in the now, focus in the now, respect in the now.

  3. This is so true. I can't even count how many times I've nodded or agreed to a point that I happened to miss because I was too into my own thoughts.


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