Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Is My Truth Today.. WIMTT? 1/26/10

What is My Truth Today...WIMTT?
Teaching the recognition of love...
I have been thinking about the quiet kinds of love that empower individuals to connect and share.  It is the type of love that makes us want to reach out to the people of Haiti to help and comfort.  It is the sort that binds us all together -- we become a universal family, metamorphosing into a far more selfless expression.   

How far can that expression of love reach?  Is it what causes someone to be kind to the waitress when the chef didn't get the order right?  Or, is it what causes one to act -- mow the lawn for the neighbor who can no longer afford the gardener? Is it what has us shaking our heads when we read about the conditions of calamity, disaster, disorder, chaos and desperation prevelant in the media -- to feel that thump in our hearts?  Is it what calls upon us to say a kind word to uplift the checker at the store, who seems so tired and deflated?  Is it what causes the hairdresser to have the courage to ask her client sporting yet another bruise, "Is there anything I can do to help you?"  Is it what prompts a person to ask the shivering homeless man, "Will you be right here for a few minutes, and if you wouldn't mind, can I go get you a coat?"

Gratefully, I have often been the recipient of love's selfless focus.  It happens day in and day out with my family and close friends...it is how we live our lives.  We were taught and given opportunities on how to love with the quietness that does not demand recognition, but remains love none the less -- that sharing and caring for another person.  
I just want to say I am grateful.
I want to share with you this thought...teach everyone around you by your actions how to ask themselves, "What can I do to make someone's experience a little happier?"

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  1. I know you've been involved in many of the above scenarios, DCR. The acts of concern and kindness spread to everyone around you, as well. You have a generous and caring aura around you. I hope this post finds its way to many readers.


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