Monday, January 18, 2010

The many avenues of Truth 1/18/10

How to explore truth?...
Truth, such a lofty word. To explore truth, it seems reasonable that one would begin asking questions. What does truth mean? And then comes the next inevitable question, what is MY truth? Do I accept everything I hear or see or read as truth? Or not? This is the exploration point...this is where you open the door of your thought and begin to make decisions. This is where you begin to ask...and answer..."What do I think?"


  1. Thanks! I am thinking of writing a daily posting called WIMTT? or What Is My Truth Today?...

    My new blog is a great example. I have wanted to get into the blog exchange for awhile but felt intimidated by the process and wondered what I could possibly write about. With my son's help, that all changed today. WIMTT? Today, I discovered that I want to share my thoughts about the daily pursuit and recognition of truth. Today, I have my own blog and an avenue to share. Today, my son helped me bring a wish to reality. All in all, a pretty good day.


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