Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Is My Truth Today.. WIMTT? 1/20/10

What Is My Truth Today...WIMTT?
I have noticed the ever-increasing and annoying medical ads on television. No wonder medicine costs so much -- the drug manufacturers have to pay for all that prime time ad space! But more importantly, I have begun to suspect these ads are more than what they appear to be -- avenues to hawk the latest drug for the newest disease. If you listen to the long dreary lists of side-effects, they seem to be suggestions of what could be wrong with you. At the very least, your subconscious mind, ever in the fight or flight mode, asks itself, "Do I have those symptoms?" How could one ever expect to be healthy, alert, vigorous, vital, strong, fit and active after week's worth of taking in all those suggestions of what might be wrong in your body and/or mind?
WIMTT? I decided to investigate to see if I was the only one wondering about the possible dire effects of exposure to pharmaceutical ads. I am not. I recommend an article (click to link) in USA Today, August 10, 2009, Reporter: Theresa Howard, Headline: Push is on to end prescription drug ads targeting consumers. Today, I validated my questioning and intuition about something that just didn't seem right. Today, I have made it a priorty to be alert to the negative effects of medical ads and refuse the suggestions of ill health. Today, I am healthy, alert, vigorous, vital, strong, fit and active... so are you.


  1. This is all true, they want america drugged up and sick. Keeps everyone subdued while all the crazy leaders of america march us to oblivion. I agree, its not right to place these ads for drugs suggesting that and insisting that something is wrong with you. The drug companies want something to b wrong with you, so they can make millions and everyone else stays in a coma.

  2. Thanks for your comment. The article indicates the advertising has increased drug sales and that is the name of the game for pharmaceutical companies. I choose to refuse to accept their message as my own thought.

  3. There's certainly an evil undercurrent of marketing hacks at work for the ones who profit.

    This syndrome gets patients anxious enough to pressure doctors to prescribe the advertised drug. On the off chance one of the legally-mentioned side effects takes hold, a suggested side effect, the doctors get busier and the prescriptions to fix the ailments certainly call for the next drug down the line.

    Who profits? Yep. At very least, there's got to be a drug for anxiety when doc won't give you the prescription suggested in the original ad.

    GAC, you hit the nail on the head. Doesn't it make you want to watch "Joe vs. The Volcano" again? The cultural "coma" you mentioned is certainly a product of the "gray brain disease."

    DCR ... Your choice to stay healthy in mind (first) and body is certainly on the mark. Thanks for the post. It's "on the money!"


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