Monday, February 1, 2010

What Is My Truth Today... 2/1/10...Inspiration Needed or My Muse is Missing

We all get stuck…call it Writer’s Block…call it Lack of it whatever you want, but it is that big blank spot that happens when there is something you need to write or do or someone you need to contact and, well, you aren't.  The point is moving from not writing it, doing it or connecting to completion/conclusion/achievement.  Here are a few ideas that might help: 

Tips for inspiration...
  • Move away from where you usually work.  Change your environment and often your thoughts will change.  Talk a walk around the block.  Go to the park.  Go to your local coffee house.  Go to the library.
  • Talk with friends, colleagues, family, who are supportive and share your thoughts with them.  Ask for feedback and ideas.  You will be amazed how this will spark creativity.  The pros call them focus groups.  Form your own.
  • Listen to music you love and let it unwind the snarls so your mind gets to that peaceful place.  Sometimes letting go gives you the freedom to concentrate.
  • Use "top of mind awareness" -- in this case it means to have a pad or piece of paper in front of you and write down the first thing that comes to you.  It may work and it may not, but keep going.  You will make the connection.
  • Keep a set of colored pencils and write your thoughts in different colors. 
  • Chart your thoughts...Write one word that describes your goal/idea/need/.  Circle it and draw a line out from it.  Write the next thought next to that line and circle it.  Draw another line from the center circle. Write the next thought next to that line and circle it.   So on and so on.  You may be thunderstruck at what happens when you chart your thoughts this way. 
  • Do something you don't normally do...try a new board game; go to a new restaurant; go on a one-day trip, etc.  It doesn't really matter what the new thing is that you do -- it will give you a new view and that often leads to new thoughts.
Shakespeare's Sonnet 38 invokes the Tenth Muse:

"How can my Muse want subject to invent,

While thou dost breathe, that pour'st into my verse

Thine own sweet argument?"

The point here...create your own Muse and have fun doing it. 


  1. This is great advise to live by. We all should reach out and create new adventures, allows the mind and soul to stretch. Thats a cool idea witht the thought map. DCR is on the money,one might supprise themselves by this method. ::)

  2. Thanks, G. I use the thought map often to approach any idea I want to expand -- business or personal. Sometimes we can just get stuck and can't get our thoughts moving -- this little activity helps.

  3. Great idea, thought map, who knew? We are so use to writing goals, but that is not quite the same as letting your mind just take you there natually. Good one DCR!

  4. Top mind awareness is a neat concept, many interesting avenues to explore. :)

  5. I was going to respond prophetically, but got a block.

    Now reading the list, again, getting out my colored pencils, a great CD and a copy of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Think that will help?

    Good approaches, DCR. (My laptop is much more colorful and sounds better now!)

  6. Thank you, Patti. The thought map can generate new energy, too!

  7. Thanks, ShesAFree Bird -- what we keep at the top of our thoughts is actually creating our daily experience. I appreciate your comment.

  8. TLR, love your comment -- very funny and clever.
    Enjoy the music!


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