Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Truth Today 2/3/10 - Five Steps to Change...yes you can!

I was thinking today about how hard it is to change...and figuring out what it is you want to change.  For most people the future is where everything will be okay.  The future/dream is when we will have.... the job we want or... look the way we want or... have the perfect relationship or.... start living the dream. do you get there, other than waiting for it to happen?  My example below focuses on changing careers, but these tips can be utilized in most of the dreams listed above. Here are some simple ideas to get you going:

Know Thyself
  • Get about an hour of free, uninterrupted time.  (I do some of my best thinking at the Starbucks around the corner).   Take a pad or notebook with you. 
  • Ask yourself what it is you want and let the answers come to the surface. Give yourself some time on this one, it may not happen all at once.  (You can go back to Starbucks a few times!)  Be honest.  Write it down.
  • Lots of people say to themselves, "I would be happy if....," but you know what, that is really a trap that leads down the negative rabbit hole.  Don't let your mind go there.   Here is an example of what I mean: "I would be happy if I had a new job and didn't have to work at this place anymore."Switch that thought to the more positive approach of "I love to write.  I want to work in the marketing field.  How can I do that?"
  • Find out who you are in that role and be that.  Start building your skills and contacts.  Research the field.  Read all the articles you can.  See yourself in your new job. 
Choose a Role Model
  • Reach out to someone who is already working in the field.  Ask for a meeting with that person. And, it is okay to tell them you are looking into the ______field and want to get his/her take on it.  Be prepared for the meeting -- do your homework on not only the person you are meeting with, but his/her company as well.  Be prepared to ask questions and share your ideas and thoughts.  In other words, by being prepared, you won't waste their time or yours. 
Dress the Part
  • This one just makes sense.  We have all heard the advice, "dress for success" -- it's true.  Start moving into your new role, with knowledge and an image. 
Realize Change has Happened!
  • This is a biggie.  Realize...that by making the decision about what you want; gaining knowledge and connections in the field; reaching out for a mentor; dressing in your new are already living the dream! The new job will happen, because you have decided it will and have begun the action steps that will move you toward it.
Thanks for letting me share.  Best wishes,


  1. I enjoyed this. Making dreams reality is sometimes quite the challenge. Living the part is great!

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  3. Thanks, ShesAFreeBird, you make a very good point. (BTW, love your name)


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